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Fieldays 2014

This year was my first time working at the field days at Mystery Creek. For those of you who haven’t been before this is a big event (in NZ standards) that attracts over 120,000 people each year to look at farming equipment. It has expanded into luxury items for the farmers wives so they can enjoy coming to the field days too.

Like I said, this year it was my first time working there – I thought it would be a good way to make some money in between university finishing and finding a full time job. I actually got a lot more out of this job than I was expecting. I learnt some sales skills, sold a new product (the eye massager!), met a lot of great people and was absorbed into culture that is Fieldays.

I am a people person so the highlight of this event for me was meeting so many people from different stalls; people from all over NZ had come to showcase their products. I was selling the Eye Massager, a first time product in NZ, across from my stall was one of three Ruahini port stands and around the corner was possom boots, and NewGen liquorice. During the course of the week I managed to talk to these stand owners along with a variety of others.

The Ruahini port is made from fresh fruit and is unlike any other port you have tried! They had plum, blueberry, boysenberry, blackberry and cherry flavoured port, along with port sippers (which work the opposite to wine glasses – wine likes to be aerated while port tastes better if it is sipped from the bottom) that looked to me like a cats body and the sipper is the tail!

Ruahini port sipper fieldays 2014

Ruahini port sipper

Other than the actual quality of the product (coming from someone who didn’t like port – I am now in love with these flavoured ports!), the best part about the Ruahini team is their passion for their company and their team. Damon is the creator/port maker and he ooozes love for the entire process and every person that has helped him on the journey. The whole teams passion was infectious, their stalls did extremely well and I believe part of that is because they have the stories to back up every part of their company. Alisha – Damons wife – is the artist who created the animal paintings that are a strong part of their brand and are on each port label.

Ruahini port fieldays 2014

Plum & Boysenberry ports

The reason I enjoyed this Fieldays so much is because I was surrounded mostly by NZ business owners who had put their life into their products and were extremely proud to share their stories and any advice – which to a young uni graduate is super exciting and helpful! Of course along with the stall owners, I talked to a tonne of customers who tried out the Eye Massager – when you love people and love talking this is a great job!

The Eye Massager sounds strange however, it is an amazing product; it uses air pressure to target acu-pressure points around your face. I used it at least once every day and boy, does it relax you! Keep an eye out for these products!! They are worth every cent.

Eye Massager Fieldays 2014

Eye Massager

Eye Massager set-up fieldays 2014

Eye Massager set-up



That was just a quick recap on my first experience working at Fieldays 2014 and why I would recommend it to any student. It is a fantastic ground to network with a large variety of people and you never know where one conversation may lead in your future!