My name is Ellen and I live in a lovely little town called Ngaruawahia – just out of Hamilton, New Zealand. I’m 27 years old, have completed a Bachelor of Communications degree majoring in marketing and public relations at the University of Waikato, work full-time in administration and volunteer.

I have a small immediate family; mum (Leonie), my sister (Abbey) and my dad (Ian). I grew up with just us girls since I was five. Abbey and I are pretty much best friends now, although it wasn’t always that way when we were kids. We all lived in Auckland on farm, then when my parents separated us girls moved to Wellington for the final year of primary til the end of  high school.  I then moved to Hamilton and Mum and Abbey moved back to Auckland. Dad has always lived in Auckland and given us a great place to visit during the school holidays.

Me, Leonie (mum), and Abbey (sis)

Me, Leonie (mum), and Abbey (sis)

I have always adored animals and have started quite the collection. After many attempts at owning goldfish and a few birds, I soon realised bigger animals are more my specialty. For the last eight years I have had the pleasure of ‘owning’ my two cats (Bex and Jager), and my darling dog Opal.

my little Samoyed

My little Samoyed

Bex and Jager

Bex and Jager

I started a blog to practice my writing skills and channel my creativity by sharing all the interesting things that happen in my life in little old Waikato. I would love to hear what you think, or any ideas you have for blog topics; I am always interested in learning and discovering new things.

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